Irises  Oil painting 12 X 16

This is an oil painting I did on a sheet of canvas a very long time ago.  It was my third or fourth oil painting.   I did the best I could and the whole process was full of frustration, but I really do like the finished product.  It has a home in the great room. This painting took forever to dry enough to frame.  The glare on the glass reflects metal giraffes in the back ground, but I think the general idea is clear.


14 thoughts on “Irises  Oil painting 12 X 16

    1. Lololol. Oh my walls make me laugh. That is lucky bamboo and the walls are like 14 feet tall so the room is very green. I love it. The kitchen is burnt red glazed over olive green and I painted a faux background around the granite. The dining room is Aqua and gold, the hall is a greyish sort of blue, the other hall is orange, the master is glazed green then brown then oyster and finally a light smokey blue, the master bath is combinations of blues and greens, the other bathroom is a muted red the office is green and yellow and the final bedroom is olive with a bluefish green glazed over it. It is a circus house, but it works.

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        1. Yeah, I’m kinda of addicted to painting walls…I love faux finishes. All my colors sounds gawdy and horrendous, and I’m sure it is for some people, but it’s not as bright as it seems because I choose kinda toned down colors…like the gold would be yellow ochre, the red would be like cad red light with a kinda brownish undertone…that kind of thing. I think my paintings show the kind of colors in my house. Pretty close anyway since all my paintings go with my home. My house is kinda rustic so the colors work.

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    1. It was. I like the colors too. Lololol…I had this fancy little fan brush and I had no idea what it was for, but is was so pretty. I used it for the background and that was pretty much the only time I’ve ever used it except the few times I have fluffed up clouds with it and painted a conifer. Other than that,mi don’t use it. That brush is old! This was at the time when I didn’t know what the linseed oil was for…or the turpentine. Would have been nice to know about, but the painting would not look the same for sure if I had known. It is rustic.

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