Outside the City 18×18 Abstract Palette Knife Oil Painting

This is an 18 X 18 painting of poppies.  I am experimenting with palette knives. I used brushes to get general shapes and then did the rest of it with the knife.  My sister wants this one, so she will get it when it is dry.  She loves palette knife paintings in the more abstract form.


7 thoughts on “Outside the City 18×18 Abstract Palette Knife Oil Painting

    1. Thank you. I am experimenting…trying to expand my horizons? Between you and me, I like the palette knife for touches of texture rather than the whole thing. I’m very attached to my brushes. I want it all! I had a hard time leaving this painting be.

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        1. Don’t get those cheap ones from Amazon from that link I sent you. The bend between the knife and the handle is too shallow. Hard to work with. You need some space so you don’t get your hand in the painting and so you don’t scrape paint off doing weird angles. Rounded edges toward the back nearest the handle work better for me also rather than the sharp edge. I went to the art store the other day and got some new ones. I like them much better.

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    1. Thank you Fruitful Dark. It did take tons of paint. No leftovers. I made sure to use every last drop. 😳


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