Critique Watermelon Painting

This is my second critique. In this critique Dan discusses the danger of white paint and that chalkiness we all love so much.  I thought his comments were very helpful.  In this painting, I was trying to get away with not scraping off painted areas I wasn’t happy with.  What I learned from this is that 1.  It would have been faster in the long run just to scrape 2.  some things can’t be fixed and need to be redone from scratch and that is OK!  All in all, I was happy with the critique and thankful he didn’t mention that the chalky plum looked like a fanny.  Thanks Dan.

-Daniel Edmondson

“Everything in the world exists within the tip of a brush.” -Lu Chi

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8 thoughts on “Critique Watermelon Painting

  1. What a nice review, love how he does this! Does he review acrylics too lol? Did you set this up as a still life, Dawn, or did you do this from your head? I think you did a really nice job. Loved the plums in particular. His thoughts were really helpful, as I wouldn’t have noticed that without him, but I did like the change he made. Did you?

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    1. He does nice reviews and. Believe he might teach acrylics as well. I have the link to his site on the post. This is his still life from one of his classes…maybe the third one? Not my head. He does include a class on setting up still life in the series I took which was beginning still life.

      I did agree with him. I was chuckling because I wasn’t fond of that painting. All I could focus on was the splotch on the middle of the vase and the butt looking plum…and NOW I KNOW WHY!!!! My husband and I watched the critique and said….ooooooh. Yup.

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    2. I asked this morning and this was the response about acrylics…great tips in the short video btw. Who knew? Vaporizer!

      Hey Dawn,

      I have had numerous acrylic artists do my courses and they have been very happy with the information. I would say about 95% of the info is directly the same, in the same way that the weekly tips are universal. The other 5% only requires working on a small area until complete and then they are the same. I have included a link about this as well.

      Wishing you all good,

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      1. A terrific tip! Thanks so much, Dawn! I think one of the things I like is the fast drying time because I came from watercolor, but there are times when it helps to be able to work longer. I do have a selection of Golden Open paints, which has drying times of up to several hours, and Open medium too, which extends the drying time of non-Open paint. Thanks again!


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