A Picture of Daisies in a Vase 18×18 Original Oil Painting

This is an 18 X 18 inch oil painting of a picture of daisies.  I had to sign it twice!


22 thoughts on “A Picture of Daisies in a Vase 18×18 Original Oil Painting

    1. Thank you very much…I like the colors too and the patterns and the fake frame, and I thought I was so smart signing it twice.


    1. Giggle giggle! I’m a trickster! I had lots of fun on this painting and the funnest part was signing it twice! I fooled my mom too! Thank you!

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    2. I’m noticing that I paint in a lot of complementary colors. Sometimes I do it on purpose, but I think it is also in my subconscious.

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        1. Lololol. I read somewhere that it takes like umpteen million years to be considered a non amateur if you don’t have an official degree. Very discouraging news. I’ll be dead by umpteen million years!

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        2. I got the moves like Jagger. I have no idea what it is either.

          I appreciate your encouragement. Thank you very much.

          I figure the ones who write the articles have several degrees in art, the lowest being a masters in something? I actually would consider going to art school, but it is expensive!!! Besides that, I want to oil paint. I am not interested in all the other stuff.

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        3. I am thankful to have chosen a medium. It means I practice more just on that medium. I might decide one day to do other stuff. Pastels look interesting.

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