Butterscotch 11×14 Original Oil Painting

I had a craving for butterscotch hard candy this last weekend.  I have no idea why.  I left one on the end table.  I saw my dog in her crate playing with a wrapper. I said, “Kevin, what do you have?”  She brought me the wrapper and dropped it carefully on the floor. I had no idea why she was being so careful but it was CUTE!  I picked her up to give her kisses and I hear something fall on the tile floor.  My husband and I looked down and it was a butterscotch disk!!!!  She was being careful because she had it in her mouth too!  We laughed and laughed.  This is a 10 pound chihuahua so holding both the candy and the wrapper was quite an accomplishment for her little mouth.


23 thoughts on “Butterscotch 11×14 Original Oil Painting

  1. Dawn, I LOVE this! I’ve been under the weather and I’ve not been blogging much at all but wow this is so cool! Just love the background and the colors, so dreamy! Green and orange who’d have thought it could be so wonderful! I have tons of food sensitivities but it’s all good because I can taste these little morsels without ever eating one! Wonderful work, just love!

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    1. Hi Laura. I love it too. I think it is so cute and I had so much fun working with those colors. It is yellow ochre, cad yellow light, phthalo blue, lemon yellow and titanium white. Thank you!

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        1. Laura, I am gonna say this again…we don’t eat paint. This painting especially…it has real cadmium yellow in it…not hue. Lolololol, although, when I was painting it I went to hold my paintbrush in my mouth…I do that a lot, but I stuck the wrong end in and I actually did get that cad yellow in my mouth.

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    1. I asked my bro in law if I could do good and plentys instead of excavators next month. I just really did not enjoy the excavator.

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        1. He said…where am I gonna put all these paintings and I said, I don’t know, but I have 59 more due by last Friday. He laughed. He has lots of space but he likes to be difficult.

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