Seems like October In May Oil Painting 11×14

May 18th 2016

I had the blahs today.  I had to take my dog Trixi to the vet.  In my mind, I was expecting the worst.  The vet thought she pulled a muscle and has a hematoma causing pain and maybe a little infection in the area.  We got meds for that.  She has another follow up tomorrow to make sure it is nothing more.  If she is improved, I will cancel.  That was good news.  Wait and see.

It is May 18th and the weather is weird.  I had to turn on my heater today!  I live in the desert.  I opened my pool 3 weeks ago!  I don’t ever remember using the heater in May.  Cold, windy and rainy.  The rain was certainly welcome but I kept thinking that it felt like fall, except for the spring blooms and new greens.  I was thinking about the mean trees we see in Halloween art and the pretty blues in spring skies when I decided to paint this after  watching a tutorial on YouTube.  October in May.


23 thoughts on “Seems like October In May Oil Painting 11×14

    1. Hi Laura. He is doing the monster mash while he decides who to eat! Trixi seems like she is doing better today. The pain is much better and she is doing some of her normal dog stuff.

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  1. I hear you! It feels so much like autumn here, not spring. I worry about my herbs and flowers because the temperatures have dropped so close to freezing. Your painting brings together so many of my favorite things! I love Halloween, but I love spring, too. I love trees, of course — mean, green, or otherwise. For me, this painting has got it all, and I’m really drawn in by that mystical, almost glowing blue light in the background. I hope Trixi is all right today so you can stay home and make more paintings. 🙂


    1. The weather is nutty. I love the rain and we need it so badly, but the wind and the cold just are not right. I am pretty certain we got our last frost back in April and my mint and chives are thriving. I decided I don’t have the desire to do a vegetable garden this year. Mi might just plant some flowers or something when the weather is pleasant…if that ever happens!

      I really love blues. I think blues are my favorite colors but it was so dreary that I had to add the raw umber to make the weather look nasty. It does look a little mystical doesn’t it. He is a mean mean tree. Boo!

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        1. Maybe he just has a splinter and if someone takes it out for him, he will stop being scary. He looks like he has shoulders!

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        2. The more I look at him…well, I think he’s another “dancing tree”. He’s really shaking that booty, you know! He’s the third “dancing tree” I’ve found today. It must be a conspiracy! They’re all dancing and having fun.

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        3. Oooooh no. Many many years ago when my bro in laws business was starting to take off, my husband and him took one of his big trucky things up to the mountains to clear some trees for some client…can’t remember if it was the forest service or who…but I tell ya, you do not want to be a tree around one of them things. It will rip you right out…don’t care how tough of a tree you think you are. The video was cool. A little sad, but very cool. Them tractor truck teeth grippers are brutal!

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    2. Trixi is better today. No pain, eating well, shaking her head like usual and trying to jump on the furniture, which I am not allowing. I did cancel the appointment. I just don’t think there is anything new to see and she is improved. She is a tough old girl. 14 years old.

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