Group of Sunflowers Reflecting 11 X 14 Oil Painting

As I think about my paintings, it is pretty obvious that I like dark, saturated color.  I like real, but not too real.  Frankly, I paint to get away from all the stuff that is too real.  I like brush strokes, but not crazy texture.  Anyway, I took a personality quiz last month and again yesterday.  It is nice to see that my intolerance for abstraction is decreasing.  The first score was 90.  My photo realism score has also changed.  It was in the 30s if I remember…and my masculine feminine score is really bottomed out.  It was 12!  I have no idea what to even do with that information.  Below are my quiz results from today.  You can take the quiz here:  Artistic Preference Test.

These are your results on the Artistic Preferences Scales. The APS measures three scales. Scores for each scale are presented in terms of percentiles. Scores range from 0 to 99, and represent what percent of other people you score higher than.

Scale 1: Intolerance of Abstraction

Individuals who score high on this factor tend to pick the image on the right over the image on the left. Factor 1, consists of pairs of items the contrast abstract paintings with paintings of potentially real scenes. Your score was 83.

Scale 2: Preference for Photorealism

Individuals who score high on this factor tend to pick the image on the right over the image on the left. Factor 2 measures a preference for how much you prefer your artwork to look like photographs. Low scorers tend to prefer painterly works, where the brush strokes are visible. Your score was 12.

Scale 3: Masculinity-Femininity

Individuals who score high on this factor tend to pick the image on the right over the image on the left. Factor 3, consists of pairs of items the contrast warm and emotional pictures with emotionally bleak pictures and stark landscapes. This scale is unlike scale 1 and scale 2 in that it is mostly about the artwork’s content than its form. The factor is labelled masculinity-femininity because it is the only scale that shows large gender differences (the average man scores 35 and the average woman scores 65). Your score was 6.

That was fun.  It is also obvious that I have an obsession with sunflowers in particular.  I always have.  I must like emotionally bleak sunflowers according to my score of 6 on measurement 3.  The yellows and reds and greens against the blues and grays of the sky.  I am in awe over the centers with the Fibonacci organization.  The slightly fuzzy, sturdy stems, the thick paper like leaves in the shape of a heart…the buds.  They are strong, vibrant flowers.  There are so many different kinds!  I enjoy watching the finches play on them.  I watch the bees buzz around them and the lady bugs just sit.  I like to watch their heads change positions throughout the day.  My dogs like them too. They like to eat the leaves and seeds and stems and when the fall comes, they like to tear those sunflowers out and chew on the roots.  My husband is into the seeds as are my chickens.  I am infatuated with their beauty. 


12 thoughts on “Group of Sunflowers Reflecting 11 X 14 Oil Painting

  1. I knew whose picture this was as soon as I saw it. I like it. Of course I had to jump over and take the test. I think the categories are a bit too broad, though, to be really informative. My score showed that I’m very tolerant of abstraction, which is true. I scored 50 on the “photo-realism” scale, right in the middle. That’s about right, I guess. I like realism — not hyper-realism — but I also like loose, “painterly” styles, impressionism, and abstractions. I scored 20 on the M-F factor. It was fun. I love little quizzes that profess to have me all figured out. If I take it again at another time, will the same images come up?

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    1. I don’t understand the masculine feminine one! What does that even mean. I’m a 6 and yours is really low too! Yes, each time you take the quiz it is mixed up and paired differently. Take it again in another month. See if you change. I know I’m not abstract loving, I know I like real but not too real but that third category I just don’t get. It was fun though.

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        1. Interesting and when I was looking at it I was seeing dark vs light…drab vs ballerina happy…Van Gogh potato eaters vs happy happy Monet sunflowers. I don’t know if I have a preference of cool over warm per se, I love color period, I just want really really saturated color.

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        2. Next time I take it, I’ll pay more attention to the paintings. I really didn’t have a preference for a lot of the pairings. It would really depend on so many things. Are we talking about what painting I’d rather see? What painting has the most pleasing colors? What painting I think is “better”? There are many ways to choose one over another.


        3. I know! I took it as between the two and some times I cared for neither and sometimes I strongly preferred one over the other. On many of them I was just meh. The example pics they used when scoring masc fem I strongly prefer the brighter painting to the boat and yet, I’m a 6?

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    2. This post was supposed to be for Monday, I have no idea why it published today. So then I had to schedule one for Monday and it wanted to post today too! I threw it back into draft form and I guess I will manually do it on Monday.

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