Single Sunflower Oil Painting 16×20

This is a 16 X 20 oil painting of a single yellow sunflower in the dark that I painted to match another piece I did a few weeks ago.  He looks like he has his arms out for a hug.  I am waiting patiently for my real sunflowers to come up.  Looks like it is going to be great year for holly hock, but I think them darn chickens of mine have been plucking out the baby sunflowers.  I purposely set them free in the garden closest to the house because the sunflowers were just too close and I did want them thinned out…but they might have gotten rid of most of them.  We’ll see.  I still have the area closest to the back wall and will keep my fingers crossed for a least a few of them beauties.  I did this in between drawing excavators.  Practice excavator…paint a few petals….yikes.


21 thoughts on “Single Sunflower Oil Painting 16×20

    1. The bro in law might take offense to flowers being in his big truck. Although, I must admit, I did toy with the idea of filling the bucket with sunflowers…I still might and deal with fallout when it comes. I’m procrastinating and using the camping excuse to hold off till next week to even attempt. Ugh. Like I said, a mix of excitement and dread!

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    2. Lololol…you know, the light is really bad on this photo…but the background is PURPLE! Lololololololololol. Yellow and Purple…your favorite! I saw on one of your posts that yellow and purple were not your complimentary colors of choice. I giggled and giggled.

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        1. That’s okay…that means you will have something to be excited about next week. That red caught my eye. Wonder how deep it is gonna be.

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        1. Yup. He didn’t even respond. It was like he was dumbfounded thinking…women just don’t get it. As I had rooster dish towels and coffee decals in my hands to get the rv trailer ready for camping tomorrow. I had a cow/pig dish towel too.

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        2. I was asked to participate…so no. But that is fine, it means I will be more than ready to paint when I get back.


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