The Hippopotamus Oil Painting, Big Fat Hippo

This is a 16×20 oil painting of a hippopotamus I painted for my niece.  I think he’s pretty cute.  His eyes seem happy to me and the colors are great in person.  They change dramatically depending on the light.  The back ground goes from a really nice blue-green to the blue you see in this picture.  This hippo gave me nightmares.  I have never painted a hippo before and I really procrastinated on this one for 5 days from the start.  I got the underpainting done and just kinda scratched my head thinking….now what.  I don’t wanna paint just a fat brown gray hippo.  Finally, 5 days after starting, I just said Dawn, just paint.  See what happens.  Lo and behold, my niece got a cute hippo with great teeth out of the deal.  She loved it!

Then I did this little 11×14 painting of a rhinoceros called Kiira on the Savannah while my sister painted an acrylic owl with the Art Sherpa on Youtube.

Kiira on the Savannah 11x14 inch Rhinoceros oil painting
Kiira on the Savannah 11×14 inch Rhinoceros oil painting