Sunflowers and Poppies Oil Painting, Colorful Bedtime

Sunflower Oil Painting with poppies, Colorful Bedtime (moon, stars, sunflowers and poppy) painting, sunflower art, Home Decor , Original Oil painting, Art

Colorful hand painted, 18x 24 inch nighttime sunflowers and poppy oil painting in the spirit of Vincent Van Gogh. Deep blues and bright yellows with a touch of red set against implied starlight, moonlight and wind. This painting is titled “Colorful Bedtime”.

3/4 ” solid wood frame natural cotton duck canvas with painted sides in case customer would prefer not to frame.


I read that Van Gogh saw the night sky as a sort of threshold to eternity. He was inspired, he said, by imagery in the poems by Walt Whitman he was reading: “He sees…under the great starlit vault of heaven a something which after all one can only call God—and eternity in its place above the world.”

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The sunflower is a flower of adoration, longevity and a life fulfilled. The poppy symbolizes sleep and dreams. When sunflowers go to bed, they turn their heads away from the sky and hang their heads randomly as do poppies. When the day comes, they follow the sun. This behavior is called phototropism. When the sun goes down, they go to sleep. Just like us.

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