Peacock Feathers Drinking from a Fish Bowl: Symbols of Eternal Life

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Symbols of Eternal Life

Colorful 14×18 oil painting of peacock feathers in a beta fish bowl. Peacocks represent eternal life. A peacock drinking from a vase of water is said to be drinking the waters of eternal life. The fish is filled with symbolism of eternal life as well. This fish happens to have the Greek name, Beta which goes off on another trail that might cause the observer to think about the meaning of the Greek word for fish, ichthus.

3/4 ” solid wood frame natural cotton duck canvas with painted sides in case customer would prefer not to frame.

This painting is a combination of palette knife and brush.


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2 thoughts on “Peacock Feathers Drinking from a Fish Bowl: Symbols of Eternal Life

  1. I haven’t been through the entire blog and now I must take a peek…..this one gives me the goosebumps, even if I didn’t read what you wrote, I see and feel that the feathers are drinking….how odd that an artist can convey these things in a painting.

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    1. I had a lot of fun with this painting. I know how to do a better glass bowl now, but I still like this sort of primitive one. Yes, they are drinking freely.


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