Pastels on Black Pastel Paper By Mrs. Breeden’s 3rd Grade Class

Today the kids got to experiment with pastels on black pastel paper.  I believe one of the phrases used to describe the experience was OFF THE HOOK!  Others included fun and epic.  We drew two pictures and the kids chose one to hang in class and one to take home.  These are the drawings they chose to hang on the class “art clothesline”.  Please forgive the clothespins in the photos.  Our subjects today were cityscapes and mountains because…Albuquerque.  I know I had an “epic, off the hook” time.  I smiled when a few of the kids asked where they could buy their own pastels.  One even asked what kind of paper she could use at home if she didn’t have the good paper.  Awesome!  Hat tip to Mr P at!  


Simba 11 x 14 Inch Acrylic Kids Art

Today, Kaeleigh wanted to paint Simba for her show and tell/talent show tomorrow.  She will be playing the drums and showing her Simba painting.  She painted Simba for her friend, Elise.  I found a really nice tutorial here:  First, we used watercolor pencil to draw Simba on our respective canvas following the instructions in the tutorial.  Kaeleigh was a little worried because of all the extra marks, but she was excited to see that those extra sketch marks could be removed with water.  I think she liked her new little trick.  Then, we painted him with acrylic paints, finishing up with a thin glaze of yellow over the entire painting.  She did a really nice job.  Her friend is gonna love it!  

Challenge 19: The Market

Let's Paint New Mexico!

Challenge 19: The Market


This is an image of a local grower’s market, loaded with possibilities!

c-19 gale kaufman flower girl The Flower Girl Gale Kaufman 7″x9″ WSO on canvas board.

c-19 dawn lomako flower market “The Market” Dawn Lomako 16 x 20 Inch Oil on Canvas $320.00

c-19 david craig admiring a pooch DAVID CRAIG ADMIRING A POOCH 11 X 14 w Oil on stretched canvas NFS

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Yellow Poppy Field 18 x 24 Inch Oil Painting

I’ve never painted yellow poppies and felt I needed to.  I like it!  This is an 18 x 24 inch palette knife oil painting.

Abstract Day with Third Graders 8 x 10 Abstract Poster Paint on Gessoed Canvas

Today was my first day doing art in Mrs. Breeden’s 3rd grade class.  Somehow, I am short a few paintings.  With all the chaos, I suppose I am lucky to have just missed a few.  There were a total of 19 paintings I believe.  The kids were so good and we all had a ball making abstract paintings.  We started out putting names on aprons with fabric paint and then moved on to a short lesson on color.  After that, we painted the abstracts.  As I suspected, the part about splattering paint was a hit.  Keep in mind, an apron does no good if you are not wearing it…and fabric paint is meant to stay on fabric, including new school clothes.  My very bad bad bad.  Sorry moms!  If it is worth anything, we had a great time?  Next time they will be wearing the aprons.   I won’t make that mistake again.