Children’s Art Knuckles, Baggies and Poster Paint on Canvas Various Sizes

Today I taught Kaeleigh another technique to get nice faux texture in her paintings.  We used sandwich baggies.  I had her put the baggie over her hand like a glove.  Then, we squeezed a few different colors of poster paint on the canvas.  With a clinched fist, she slowly rolled her knuckles back and forth over various parts of the painting.  We would blow dry the layer and then start again until she was happy with the results.  Once complete and dry, I had Kaeleigh spray her painting with fixative for extra protection.  Today was the first time Kaeleigh got to spray her own painting.  Nice job kiddo!  We had a lesson on analogous colors today which you can see in two of the three paintings.  My favorite part of these paintings is where the paint was thicker and cracked as it dried.  Very cool effect.  Kaeleigh used some sponges on the under layer of the pink painting.


Children’s Salt and Poster Paint Art on Canvas Panels 11 x 14 Inch

Today was art day in Mrs. Breeden’s 3rd grade class.  We worked on salt paintings which is super duper fun.  We used poster paint, which I diluted with water about 50/50.  After using paint brushes to give the canvas a quick wash of water, we started adding paint.  Before the paint was dry, we sprinkled salt and watched the paint move.  Once the paintings were dry, the kids rubbed off the salt and then I spray varnished the paintings for a little extra protection.  Apparently, Captain Underpants is a thing?  We have two of them in this lot. I’m gonna have to look it up.  I was told he is a super hero.

Little Foxes Kids Art Acrylic Painting

Art day today with Miss Kaeleigh. We had a great day sharing ghost stories and painting foxes.  It got a little difficult mixing paint at times with the lights dimmed, but ghost stories need the right mood so we just went with it.  She decided she wanted her fox to have muscles in his arm and toned abs.  She thought the tail looked like a flexing arm and made some adjustments.  I just went with the standard red fox with a fluffy tail.  Kaeleigh’s fox has a few tattoos.  He is the hip, muscle fox.

Keep on Trying

Today was art day with Kaeleigh.  We were going to spray paint her Eiffel Tower wooden model, but the wind and weather wasn’t cooperating.  We had to improvise.  Today was paint whatever you want day.  I painted a panda, which I will spare you the pics.  Kaeleigh had been practicing drawing dragons and wanted to paint a dragon.  Soon into the session, things went sour.  I must say however, her background of bright red was smooth, even and the entire canvas was covered.  If you have ever painted with kids, you know this is a big deal.  It is hard to cover the white!  Long story short, the dragon didn’t work out which gave Kaeleigh and I the opportunity to discuss failure.  Failure is perfectly okay.  Some of the best learning comes from failure.  We learn through repetition, mistakes, practice practice practice.  I had to use a Taylor Swift analogy but I hope the point got through.  She vaguely knew who Michael Jordan was so it was just better to use an example of a person she actually knew about. Taylor Swift did not get to where she is by not practicing and not failing.

Kaeleigh wanted to throw her painting away.  I told her that was fine…AFTER SHE FINISHED it.  Poor kid.  She was not happy with me.  I told her she didn’t have to like it, but she had to finish it and wait a few days before making a decision to keep or toss out.  That little girl, on the verge of tears kept on painting and by the time our session was over, Kaeleigh had completed a unicorn abstraction.  That gave us another opportunity to learn.  Kaeleigh now knows the difference between abstract and abstraction.  I think this little unicorn is pretty darn cute and I was so proud of her for finishing.

I read this essay to Kaeleigh today:   Advice for Kids Frustrated with their Art

11 x 14 Abstract Acrylic Salt Painting 

This was an experiment I worked on today.  I have been practicing salt paintings with diluted poster paint on canvas boards and thought today I would try using acrylics.  That was tricky, but I really like the end result.  Unlike poster paint, acrylic paint holds the salt so this painting has some good actual texture as opposed to illusion.